Labor Day Flea Market


We are happy to announce the Labor Day Flea Market for 2024 will be held Monday September 2, 2024 from 8a-4p. Bring the family out for a day of treasure hunting, food and fun on the historic Sunbury Square.

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the 2024 Sunbury Labor Day Flea Market.

Your reservation and payment constitute your agreement to the following rules and regulations:

1.) Vendor agrees to pay the following: Inside lawn (approx. 15’x20′) are $30 each OR (10’X10′) are $20; On-street food vendor (food truck/trailer, approx. 15’x25′ are $125. All inside lawn spaces will be inside the sidewalk perimeter to remain ADA compliant. Spaces will be marked with a space number and outline of the area.

2.) Trees, lamp posts, benches, trash cans, and other obstructions may be included within the space and cannot be removed. Be sure to note in the reservation form of any special space needs necessary to accommodate a tent/canopy or vehicle. No tables, chairs or tents are supplied.

3.) Reservation of space is on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be guaranteed once the reservation form and payment have both been received. Specific spaces on the Square will only be guaranteed if you provide your top choices on the reservation form and the space can be assigned in advance of the event. You will be notified of advance assignments if possible. For spaces that are not assigned in advance, they will be issued by the event operator at the time of your arrival to set up only on the day of the event.

4.) Vendor parking on the lawn spaces will begin at 5:00 PM on Sunday, September 1st. Entrance to the NORTH SIDE of the Square is on Cherry Street via the wide sidewalk entry at the center of the Square. Entrance to the SOUTH SIDE of the Square is via the sidewalk entry at the southeast corner of the Square (Vernon and Granville Streets). Spaces will be marked with a white flag and the space number for identification. Volunteers will be available September 2nd beginning at 6:30 AM to assist with parking and day-of-event sales. Prepaid reservations will be held until 7:00 AM at which time no-show spaces will be released to vendors on the waiting list. Please unload and remove your vehicle from the Square as quickly as possible, but no later than 7:45AM. Driving back onto the Square will not be permitted before 4:00PM unless directed by the event operator. Late arrivals (after 7:15AM) and early departures (before 4:00PM) will need to carry their display and inventory items on and off the Square.

5.) Sunbury Square is owned and maintained by the City of Sunbury. Parking on the grass is at the event operator’s discretion and based upon weather and underground utility conditions.

6.) Electricity and water hookups are not guaranteed for any vendor, please plan accordingly. City rules for food trucks and other electric use are as follows: “Sunbury provides standard home style outlets for 110V devices.  For 220V hookups, your trailer AC power cord must be equipped with a standard 50-amp 4 wire range or dryer plug. Extension cords for 110V must be outdoor type, 3 wire grounded type.  The amp rating of the extension cord must meet the load amps, at the recommended length of the cord, at all times.  16-gauge extension cords are discouraged for all but the very smallest loads, such as a computer, table lamp, or small fan. We recommend at least 100ft.

Generator Policy 

Generators will not be permitted unless they are silent, so-called whisper quiet.  This requirement may be waived by city staff and the event coordinator, but only if justification is provided as to why the permanent AC power, provided on the Square, is not sufficient to operate the trailer/device. If a generator must be used, it must be of the silent type, with a maximum noise level of 50dB measured at 5’ from the generator.  This is roughly equivalent to the noise from a normal kitchen refrigerator in operation.  This applies to all generators, including both stand-alone units, and those that may be built into any vehicle or booth system.  Vendor requesting a generator must provide justification as to why the permanent electrical facilities on the square are insufficient for their use and provide manufacturer’s details on the noise levels of their generator during use, and under load. A noisy generator that is surrounded by a few sheets of plywood is NOT a silent generator.  Generators, if used, must meet the specs above whether built that way, or silenced by external baffles or barriers.  In no case should any generator be heard at a distance of 10’ or beyond.”

7.) The sale of tobacco, alcohol, firearms, live ammunition, live animals, pornographic materials, any game of chance, items that may be deemed offensive/hateful/racist/vulgar/profane, or hazardous chemicals or materials are Strictly Prohibited. Violators will be asked to remove such material. Failure to comply will be subject to vendor being asked to leave and barred from future events.

8.) Vendors are responsible for the removal of all trash, which may be deposited at the onsite dumpster provided on Granville Street by the Police Department. Absolutely no materials are to be left on the premises. Trash cans on the Square are only for the use of shoppers.

9.) Cancellations of prepaid reservations will be accepted up through 11:59pm on Sunday, August 24th, 2024 and will be issued a full refund. This event occurs rain or shine, and refunds are not issued for inclement weather. In the event of a government declared action that would cancel the event up to and including the day of, a full refund will be issued.

Reservations are not confirmed until payment is made. Thank you, and we look forward to having you join the 2024 Sunbury Labor Day Flea Market!

As of July 14, 2024, the following spaces have been reserved:

A-spaces: 2, 3, 7, 17-19, 24, 36, 38-43, 51, 55-62, 64-66, 70-75 (43 spaces still available)

T-spaces: 1-3, 7-9, 14 (Only 7 spaces remaining)